Five Creative Ideas for Leaders to Help Keep Your Team Engaged

June 2, 2023 by Staff-20220

It’s easy for leaders to get stuck in the day to day to do lists and get wrapped up in meeting after meeting, but it’s so important to take time to interact with your team and try to bring “fun” to work each day. Here are a few ideas to try with your team.

1. Conduct your daily stand-up meeting or weekly team meeting outside or in a new location to change it up.

2. Have lunch as a team once per month, whether everyone brings their own lunch, you order in or have a potluck style lunch! I challenge you not to discuss work over your team lunch and to really take the time to be present with your team and build relationships with them.

3. Go for team walks! Fresh air, sunshine and exercise have so many positive benefits. It could be as simple as a walk around the block or building just to get team members out of their office and reset for the rest of their day. Put this on your team calendar a few times a week with a meeting location and see who can join you.

4. Make your daily stand-up meetings fun! Start the meeting with an interactive question and have each team member provide a response: What’s your favorite restaurant? Favorite vacation location? Favorite season? What is something you’re looking forward to? Or bring a Bluetooth speaker and play some music to start out the meeting.

5. Monthly team building activity – team scavenger hunt, bring in baby picture and guess who is who, team baking/cooking competition – example: who makes the best chocolate chip cookies? Ask your team for ideas and plan them out for the year.

It’s so crucial as a leader to set an example for your team. Show them that you encourage and support having fun at work! Show them you’re taking the time to invest in them beyond the work tasks. I encourage you to set aside 10 minutes this week to brainstorm and plan out 3 new ideas to try with your team. Keep it simple!!

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