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SCS provides consulting services for both skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Our services include:
Skilled Nursing Services:
o Interim management
o Mock survey/survey readiness
o Electronic Health Record configuration and assessment development
o Clinical systems analysis
o Directed Plan of Correction/survey response
o Clinical reimbursement/PDPM
o Operational analysis
o Case mix review
o QAPI consultation
o Nutritional Services
– Operational reviewSurvey preparedness

Assisted Living Services:
o Interim management
o RN/LPN supplemental support
o Clinical systems analysis
o Operational analysis
o Emergency Preparedness
o Regulatory review
o Mock Survey /survey readiness
o Directed Plan of Correction/Survey response
o Electronic Health Record configuration and assessment development
o Assessment catch-up
o Reimbursement audit
o Case mix/waivered services review
o Nutritional services
– Food code audit
– Consultation: menus, specialized diets

Home Health Services:
o Clinical systems analysis
o Interim Management
o Operational analysis

Hospice and Home Care Consulting Services:
o Regulatory compliance
o Agency startup support
o Education and training services
o Staff support
o Clinical documentation services
o Revenue management

Education and Training:
o Assisted Living HHA competency training and testing
o Medication administration
o Nursing leadership mentoring
o Psychotropic medication reduction
o PDPM/Clinical reimbursement
o Clinical Programs: pain management, falls management, sleep programs
o Electronic Health Record utilization training
o Case mix/waivered services training
o Food safety

Home Care competency training and testing

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