Is Your Coffee Too Hot?

October 10, 2022 by Staff-20220

There are no require­ments in facil­i­ties for cof­fee tem­per­a­ture. The pre­ferred tem­per­a­ture for brew­ing is 195 degrees or greater -— but it only takes 1 sec­ond for a seri­ous burn to occur from liq­uids start­ing at 155 degrees. 

The issue with turn­ing the tem­per­a­ture down is that the cof­fee doesn’t brew as well and peo­ple com­plain about the
fla­vor -— we can’t turn the cof­fee machines down low enough to be safe with­out sac­ri­fic­ing qual­i­ty. So, the answer is to elim­i­nate the risk of burns by tak­ing pre­ven­ta­tive steps: lock­ing machines, mov­ing the machines, mak­ing pub­lic cof­fee only avail­able in air pots, using trav­el mugs with spill-resis­tant lids, etc.  

If burns are hap­pen­ing from cof­fee pots -— leave pots open in the kitchen after fill­ing, before cov­er­ing and putting in res­i­dent reach or add ice cubes to the pot to achieve a safer, yet still palat­able tem­per­a­ture. 

Time and Tem­per­a­ture for Water to Cause a Seri­ous Burn in a Healthy Adult
155ºF               68ºC               1 second
140ºF               60ºC               5 seconds
127ºF               52ºC               1 minute
120ºF               48ºC               5 minutes
100ºF               38ºC               safe bathing temp

For more infor­ma­tion on health and safe­ty prac­tices vis­it our web­site at

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