Reduce Immediate Jeopardy Tags With Appropriate Sling Use

June 21, 2022 by Staff-20220


From the desk of Andrea 

The current staffing turnover and retention rates in skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities, as well as the previous focus on infection control surveys has contributed to regulatory oversight during the COVID-19 pandemic. Immediate Jeopardy tags are on the rise, with an increasing number related to inappropriate use of slings. Factors to consider include appropriate sling size, documentation of sling size on the service/care plan and specific instruction easily available to ULP and CNAs. Additional consideration should consist of adequate supply and how the condition of a sling is determined for replacement.  

Manufacturers have instruction and sizing charts available. It is recommended to keep these laminated and attached to the lift for easy reference and to verify appropriate sling size is in use. Routine audits should be conducted to ensure appropriate size selection and to ensure care/service plan matches the currently used sling. As a reminder, ensure equipment is cleaned thoroughly between resident rooms. While infection control remains a focal point in healthcare surveys, this is a reminder to shift the focus towards resident safety, which encompasses both clinical operation and infection prevention. 


Andrea Raeker
Director of Administration
Senior Care Solutions

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