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January 14, 2022 by Senior Care Solutions0

From the desk of Naomi…

We are still seeing a lot of the usual corrections orders such as TB, orientation, training, service plan, documentation.  But here are some of the newer trends we are seeing with the new regulations.

144G.40 Subd. 2 Uniform checklist disclosure of services

Not providing a UDALSA- Make sure you are providing your residents a copy of the UDALSA and keeping receipt of doing so. Also, ensure you have a policy related to obtaining written acknowledgement of the UDALSA from all residents prior to the execution of the assisted living contract.

144G.41 Subdivision 1 Minimum requirements

Lack of posting a daily staffing schedule- Ensure your schedule is posted daily and that there is a policy reflecting this process.

144G.45 Subd. 2 (a) (1) Fire protection and physical environment

Make sure you are reading the regulations based on your facility.  We are seeing many smoke alarms not working when tested. Batteries chirping.  And smoke alarms not being interconnected where they should be.  

Fire extinguishers mounted in the correct areas. 

Ensure you have evacuation maps posted.

And ensure all employees receive training on the fire safety and evacuation plans upon hiring and at least twice per year thereafter.


Keep up the great work out there everyone!

Naomi Evans, VP of Clinical Services

Senior Care Solutions

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