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January 14, 2022 by Senior Care Solutions0

From the desk of Naomi…

We are still see­ing a lot of the usu­al cor­rec­tions orders such as TB, ori­en­ta­tion, train­ing, ser­vice plan, doc­u­men­ta­tion.  But here are some of the new­er trends we are see­ing with the new regulations.

144G.40 Subd. 2 Uni­form check­list dis­clo­sure of services

Not pro­vid­ing a UDALSA- Make sure you are pro­vid­ing your res­i­dents a copy of the UDALSA and keep­ing receipt of doing so. Also, ensure you have a pol­i­cy relat­ed to obtain­ing writ­ten acknowl­edge­ment of the UDALSA from all res­i­dents pri­or to the exe­cu­tion of the assist­ed liv­ing contract.

144G.41 Sub­di­vi­sion 1 Min­i­mum requirements

Lack of post­ing a dai­ly staffing sched­ule- Ensure your sched­ule is post­ed dai­ly and that there is a pol­i­cy reflect­ing this process.

144G.45 Subd. 2 (a) (1) Fire pro­tec­tion and phys­i­cal environment

Make sure you are read­ing the reg­u­la­tions based on your facil­i­ty.  We are see­ing many smoke alarms not work­ing when test­ed. Bat­ter­ies chirp­ing.  And smoke alarms not being inter­con­nect­ed where they should be.  

Fire extin­guish­ers mount­ed in the cor­rect areas. 

Ensure you have evac­u­a­tion maps posted.

And ensure all employ­ees receive train­ing on the fire safe­ty and evac­u­a­tion plans upon hir­ing and at least twice per year thereafter.


Keep up the great work out there everyone!

Nao­mi Evans, VP of Clin­i­cal Services

Senior Care Solutions

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