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One thing I have learned over the years is that to be a suc­cess­ful leader, you must lead by exam­ple. What are some of the qual­i­ties that you appre­ci­ate in a leader that you have admired and respect­ed? One thing that stands out to me from one of my pre­vi­ous super­vi­sors came dur­ing the dread­ed annu­al sur­vey. Every facil­i­ty I had worked at pre­vi­ous­ly fol­lowed the same pro­to­col. Sur­vey enters, every­one freaks out, word spreads like wild­fire, every­one starts check­ing res­i­dents, removes equip­ment from hall­ways, lead­ers start mak­ing rounds and answer­ing call lights. But in this case, some­thing dif­fer­ent occurred. The Direc­tor of Nurs­ing was noti­fied, she calm­ly replied, “Ok, thanks!”. She did not pan­ic, she did not freak out, she did not odd­ly go out and make rounds that she nev­er nor­mal­ly does, and she did not start bark­ing orders at every­one. She told every­one to do what they always do…the right thing for our res­i­dents. She had faith that she had taught and led the team to do the right thing EVERY day, not just in front of a surveyor’s eyes. The part that stands out to me is that even thought my heart was rac­ing, see­ing her calm demeanor helped ME to remain calm. I knew I had done what I need­ed to do, and I was con­fi­dent when answer­ing ques­tions and pro­vid­ing doc­u­ments request­ed. I learned a lot from the sur­vey­or, instead of fear­ing them. We had a per­fect sur­vey that year.

Over my lead­er­ship career I have often had co-work­ers and oth­er lead­ers tell me how much they appre­ci­ate my calm demeanor and my lev­el-head. Although I do not always actu­al­ly feel that way, I have learned how impor­tant it is to lead by exam­ple. I do not want MY team to freak out and be afraid. There­fore, I must remain calm and steady. Even when I am pan­icked inside, I know that pro­ject­ing that ener­gy onto my team will not help any­one. Watch what hap­pens when you can remain con­fi­dent and strong in front of your team. They see you. They watch you. You are their exam­ple. Speak great­ness into them, and they will do a great job for you in their role.

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