Staffing Tidbits for the new AL Regulations


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Staffing Tidbits for the new AL Regulations

All assist­ed liv­ing facil­i­ties must have a clin­i­cal nurse super­vi­sor who is a reg­is­tered nurse licensed in Min­neso­ta. The posi­tions of both the assist­ed liv­ing direc­tor and the clin­i­cal nurse super­vi­sor may be held by the same indi­vid­ual if the indi­vid­ual holds both licenses.

The staffing plan must be eval­u­at­ed at least twice per year and include suf­fi­cient staffing at all times to meet the sched­uled and rea­son­ably fore­see­able needs of each resident

A facil­i­ty may not accept a per­son as a res­i­dent unless the facil­i­ty has staff, suf­fi­cient in qual­i­fi­ca­tions, com­pe­ten­cy, and num­bers, to ade­quate­ly pro­vide the ser­vices agreed to in the assist­ed liv­ing contract.

Under the statute it does NOT give staff ratios that the facil­i­ty must fol­low. They must be able to sat­is­fy the require­ment to meet the sched­uled and rea­son­ably fore­see­able needs of each resident.

The statute dic­tates cer­tain duties that must be com­plet­ed by the RN:

  • Res­i­dent assessments
  • Del­e­ga­tion of nurs­ing tasks
  • Train­ing and com­pe­ten­cy test­ing of unli­censed personnel
  • Be avail­able for con­sul­ta­tion to staff per­form­ing del­e­gat­ed nurs­ing tasks (either in per­son, by tele­phone, or by oth­er means)
  • Super­vi­sion of staff based on statute require­ments in 144G.62 Subd. 4
  • Cer­tain pol­i­cy development

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