Staffing Tidbits for the new AL Regulations


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Staffing Tidbits for the new AL Regulations

All assisted living facilities must have a clinical nurse supervisor who is a registered nurse licensed in Minnesota. The positions of both the assisted living director and the clinical nurse supervisor may be held by the same individual if the individual holds both licenses.

The staffing plan must be evaluated at least twice per year and include sufficient staffing at all times to meet the scheduled and reasonably foreseeable needs of each resident

A facility may not accept a person as a resident unless the facility has staff, sufficient in qualifications, competency, and numbers, to adequately provide the services agreed to in the assisted living contract.

Under the statute it does NOT give staff ratios that the facility must follow. They must be able to satisfy the requirement to meet the scheduled and reasonably foreseeable needs of each resident.

The statute dictates certain duties that must be completed by the RN:

  • Resident assessments
  • Delegation of nursing tasks
  • Training and competency testing of unlicensed personnel
  • Be available for consultation to staff performing delegated nursing tasks (either in person, by telephone, or by other means)
  • Supervision of staff based on statute requirements inĀ 144G.62 Subd. 4
  • Certain policy development

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